EZDriveMA Customer Service Centers

All of the EZDriveMA Customer Service Centers are now accepting walk-ins. Please see Customer Service Centers for a list of locations and hours.

Welcome to EZDriveMA

EZDriveMA, the Massachusetts electronic tolling program, operates without toll booths, barriers or gates, allowing traffic to move freely through tolling points at highway speeds.

The EZDriveMA program consists of four toll payment methods.

  • E-ZPass MA – A pre-paid transponder based option with discounted tolls.
  • E-ZPass – A pre-paid transponder issued by an agency from another state.
  • Pay By Plate MA Registered – A license plate based account option.
  • Pay By Plate MA Invoice – A license plate based invoice option.

My E-ZPass Account

My E_ZPass MA Account

Pay a Pay By Plate Invoice

Pay a Pay By Plate Invoice

My Pay By Plate Account

My Pay By Plate Account

Pay an E-ZPass Toll Violation Notice

Pay an E-ZPass Toll Violation Notice

Customer Notices

Customer Payment Alert

Third party bill paying services such as your bank’s bill pay service, apps, or other online third-party services are not affiliated with the MassDOT EZDriveMA program. Any fees assessed by third party providers are not MassDOT fees. 

When scheduling payments through such third party bill paying services, you must select a scheduled payment date that ensures the Balance Due shown on your EZDriveMA invoice is received by MassDOT by the Payment Due Date. 

Failure to do so, may subject you to late fees, fines, and/or other penalties, including non-renewal of your driver’s license and/or vehicle registration.  

MassDOT encourages customers to make payments and updates to their EZDriveMA account through the MassDOT EZDriveMA website, by telephone, or in person at a MassDOT EZDriveMA Customer Service Center

Attention Transportation Network & Rideshare Drivers 

Notice of commercial toll rate procedure starting Monday, May 13, 2019

MassDOT Travel Advisories

The Sumner Tunnel is CLOSED July 5 - August 31.  Visit the project website for alternative travel options and more information.