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On The Go Transponder

The On The Go (OTG) transponder is a convenience for individuals who require a transponder immediately.  The transponder is not registered to you until you either open an E-ZPass MA account or register the transponder to an existing E-ZPass MA account.

Until your OTG transponder is registered to an E-ZPass MA account, certain restrictions and limitations apply. 

Please register your transponder and take advantage of all the benefits of being an E-ZPass MA Account Holder. Your account will also be credited with the $10 transponder deposit once the transponder is registered.

When using your unregistered OTG transponder you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • The transponder is for use only on two-axle, four tire vehicles with passenger plates – commercial vehicles are not allowed to use OTG transponders
  • The transponder is only valid on Massachusetts toll roads – if not registered to an account, use of the transponder in another state could result in you receiving violations
  • The transponder is not valid for use in any parking facilities
  • You will not be notified by the Customer Service Center for any account activity, such as but not limited to; excessive V-tolls, expiring credit card, low balance, and/or other notifications or updates that are periodically sent to EZDriveMA customers
  • If for any reason the OTG transponder does not read correctly in Massachusetts toll lanes, a picture of your license plate will be captured and you will be mailed a Pay By Plate invoice
  • You agree to abide by all other EZDriveMA Terms and Conditions, as applicable​

The EZDriveMA Customer Service Center will accept payments to replenish your transponder balance by credit card, cash, or check at any of our walk-in locations.

In order to verify you are the authorized transponder holder to allow access to your transponder activity or to make payments you will need your transponder number (the number is on the transponder above the bar code) and your PIN which is on the Welcome Letter your received when you purchased your OTG transponder.

Register an On The Go Transponder