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Register an On The Go Transponder

Register your On-the-Go transponder by creating a new E-ZPass MA Account. If you already have an E-ZPass MA Account you can register your Transponder by signing into your account.

To complete the on-line registration process, you will need to have the following information available.

  • The On-the-Go Transponder number and the PIN you received when you received the Transponder
  • Account contact information, including an email address
  • Your vehicle registration information
    • You will be required to add at least one vehicle quoting its make, model, year, plate number, registration state and for some states the plate type. Remember you can only have up to 10 vehicles and 4 transponders on this type of account
  • A suitable payment method of Credit/Debit Card and/or Bank Account

Click NEXT to register your On-the-Go transponder and create a new E-ZPass MA Account.

If you are logged into an existing an account, you will be logged off when you begin this process.