Violations Information

Toll Violations Information

Before the EZDriveMA all electronic tolling program opened on October 28, 2016, toll violation notices were issued to any vehicle that used an E-ZPass MA lane without a valid transponder and to any vehicle traveling through a cash only lane without paying the toll.

After October 28, 2016, a Pay By Plate MA invoice is generated (not a violation) and sent to the registered owner of a vehicle that travels on a MassDOT bridge or road without a valid transponder.

If your registration or license is not eligible for renewal due to outstanding obligations, please reference the Type or Town/Origin codes below provided by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles for the corresponding contact information.


MassRMV Town/Origin

Contact Information

E-ZPass MA Violation

700 - EZPass Fines

E-ZPass MA Violations are paid and cleared at any MA RMV branch

MassDOT Violation

702 – MassDOT Toll

UNPAID MassDOT Violations: Pay via 866-740-3467 or then contact
781-431-5756 to clear at the RMV 

PAID MassDOT Violations needing to be cleared at the RMV and any other questions: 781-431-5756